REVIEW The Gentlemen: The Series

Mar 22, 2024 | Series Reviews

Guy Ritchie comes to the small screen with a series that serves as a spin-off of one of his latest films: The Gentlemen: Lords of the Mafia. Not counting the cast of that action comedy, this series has a cast with comedy and action actors with presence and talent. You can tell that the director is still a bit green in the format and there are several rather bland introductory chapters, but when the series picks up the pace it's a good diversion.
Although there are some details of sappiness and violence, Ritchie contains his Tarantinian streak and offers a chain of situations with many comic possibilities. The presence of the gypsies is very ingenious, despite being clearly inherited from one of the director's best films(Snatch, Pigs and Diamonds).
Both the production design and the sound and music editing are as videoclip-like as expected from the director, but on this occasion it does not saturate because it is well measured within a skillfully constructed plot.

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