Mar 1, 2024 | Series Reviews

At the age of 46, Juan Gomez Jurado is the best-selling Spanish writer in the world. The trilogy begun with Reina Roja is one of the public's favorites, a literature in which a mastery of the genre capable of capturing the reader's attention is recognized. To transfer the text to the screen, the writer has been offered several dozen projects in recent years, but none convinced him until this series directed by Koldo Serra(70 Billaden) and created by Amaya Muruzabal(Hernán).
The budget of the series is noticeable in the action scenes and in the attention to detail, as well as in the cast starring the performers of Riot Control: Vicky Luengo and Hovik Keuchkerian. It was difficult to adapt the text and not get hurt, because the original novel accumulated a lot of information of a complex plot full of twists and turns. The series follows that roadmap to the millimeter and that ends up ruining the project. The papier-mâché of the characters, situations and dialogues are always grating. Already the first scenes: the multiple suicide attempt of the protagonist, the dialogues of the policeman with the girl in the staircase and with the gifted protagonist are so artificial that it is difficult to enter the story.
It is clear that Gómez-Jurado is a great movie buff and knows many thriller references, but its construction is false and full of traps. In social networks there has been some controversy because some of the most important TV critics have unceremoniously trashed the series, and the writer's army of fans has been noisily angry. Everyday polarization, which I don't think can stop Red Queen from being considered an expensive disappointment.

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