REVIEW: Malaya. Secret Operation

Feb 23, 2024 | Series Reviews

The Malaya case is much more than Isabel Pantoja and Jesús Gil, although the participation of these two characters in the plot multiplied the diffusion of this investigation. Hours and hours of TV trash with very little legal precision but with a remarkable and effective sensationalism.
This RTVE docuseries aims to develop an antagonistic approach to that of the tabloid programs. The lawyers and judges have the protagonism they deserve, with an informative but quite complete explanation of the complex process of investigation of the plot. Without great findings in editing and planning, this docuseries shows the patience of those who first dared to lift carpets in the face of opposition from the parties, but also from a good part of the people of Marbella.
The four chapters manage to outline a very precise chronology of the events, in which the narcissism of the men of power in the shadows who believed themselves to be truly untouchable is shown. There is also a recognition of the investigative journalism that had some exemplary representatives in their constancy and honesty.

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