Men of Law: Bass Reeves

Mar 1, 2024 | Series Reviews

Taylor Sheridan continues to produce series at full speed. Although to be fair to the latter we can't give him as much responsibility as in Yellowstone, Tulsa King or Mayor of Kingstown, as his involvement has been more economic than artistic. But there is certainly continuity between Men of Law: Bass Reeves and 1883, two westerns as modern as they are classic, as violent as they are lyrical.
At a time when messages of diversity and inclusivity are being so clumsily and insistently featured in movies and series, Bass Reeves is a prime example of a protagonist. The true story of this slave who went on to become one of the most prestigious sheriffs in the Midwest, has racial and family conflicts, horseback chases, shootouts and a battle that is as apotheosic as it is original at the beginning of the series.
The series is wonderful in its variety of characters, with a cast that includes a sensational David Oyelowo, Dennis Quaid, Garrett Hedlund or Donald Sutherland. And in the female characters there are very strong characters, as revolutionary as those played by Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Stanwyck or Joan Crafword were in their day.
This western also has a very measured footage, with a fast pace in some scenes that is compensated with slow dialogues that are essential to better understand the characters. The love story of Bass Reeves and his wife is a paradigm of marital portrait, with its ups and downs, but always based on trust, respect and openness between the two.
All in all, another great success for SkyShowtime, which apparently will continue to produce westerns about legendary characters of the American West.

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