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Apr 21, 2023 | Series Reviews

The production of a movie can turn into a real adventure, just like the plot of a series. Even more so if the film is about the Italian-American Mafia and its social and political influence in the United States. The Godfather, a major masterpiece in the history of cinema, is an example of this. Narrated in detail by its producer, Al Ruddy, the creator of the series, Michael Tolkin(The Hollywood Game, Dannemora Escape), uses his book as the basis for the screenplay, which takes advantage of the valuable material and uses it to create a well-plotted plot, with a lot of rhythm and that knows how to discard the less attractive parts through intelligent ellipses and focus on the real and interesting conflicts: the relations with the mafia to be able to shoot the film, the always complicated scriptwriting, the economic problems of a production that was intended to be cheap or the difficult decisions between the artistic vision and the more purely entrepreneurial one.

The script manages to dramatically develop a large number of characters, their motivations, ambitions and personal lives; and the relationships that emerge between them are also interesting: Al Ruddy and Coppola, on the creative side; with Evans for production and contacts with Paramount's top executives; but his relationship with mobster Joe Colombo stands out above all. What begins as a few necessary meetings to make the film, turns into a deep and beautiful friendship, told with delicacy and depth.

The series has some memorable sequences. One of them is Ruddy and Coppola's dinner with the entire cast, just before shooting began. Pacino and Brando, as the great Method actors they were, participate in it already immersed in their roles. Such is the naturalness and freshness of their performances, that it generates a smile of complicity between producer and director, to see how they had succeeded completely in the casting. The other sequence is the shooting of the restaurant scene, in which Michael Corleone, after the murder of a capo and the police chief, will never be the same again. All the people present are convinced of how good an actor Pacino is as they watch, amazed, his performance. And from that moment on, no one doubts that he is the right actor for Michael.

As in The Godfather, the series has made a special effort to get a top-notch cast. The protagonist, Miles Teller(Top Gun Maverick), repeats in a major leading role as he did in Whiplash. Matthew Goode(Match Point) exploits a wide variety of dramatic registers as Bob Evans. And finally, both Anthony Ippolito and Justin Chambers are very believable as Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, beyond their more than reasonable resemblance.

Signature: Daniel Núñez Hernández

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