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Jun 23, 2023 | Series Reviews

That a British fiction tells the story of a small town where everyone knows each other and has secrets from the past, is something that can lead more than one to disconnect. After Broadchurch, Happy Valley or Mare of Easttown, it didn't seem like a good idea to go back to a structure that had worked perfectly, but that was in danger of not offering anything new.

Sherwood faced all that, and we must recognize that its creator, Lewis Arnold(Condemnation), comes out on top. Although I would unhesitatingly stay with any of the three previously mentioned series, this new plot follows a different coordinates, with a lone archer as a killer known from the first moment that breaks the inertias that could have the series. The ability of screenwriter James Graham(Brexit, The Crown) to connect the past and present of a dozen characters is quite considerable, as the story at no point becomes confusing or tedious.

The cast of the series is terrific, with actors more seasoned in television than in film, with a personality that imposes a very remarkable vitality to each of the characters. Although the most familiar faces are those of David Morrisey (the unforgettable and Machiavellian Governor Blake in The Walking Dead) and Lesley Manville(The Invisible Thread, Citadel), the best character is played by Adeel Aktar, winner of a BAFTA for best supporting actor on television.

Claudio Sanchez

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