CRITICISM: Las luminosas

Oct 17, 2022 | Series Reviews

At the age of 40, Elisabeth Moss is one of the most important actresses of recent years thanks to series such as Mad Men, Top of the Lake and The Handmaid's Tale . In addition to winning two Emmys, the young performer is a producer of the latest series in which she appears. Las luminosas is a fiction to tell almost nothing, because its ability to surprise the viewer is more than remarkable. Deciphering the murderer (played by an excellent Jamie Bell), requires trusting a team of writers and directors who clearly bet on avoiding routines in the development of the crime plot.

The series has a photographic and musical treatment that envelops the story with an atmosphere of unreality that is essential. At some point, the curling of the script may be too repetitive, but the series overcomes the moments of uncertainty and offers a fairly ambitious catharsis. It avoids the lurid in favor of the vulnerable psychology of the characters, offering many plot lines with which to connect with half a dozen characters.
Finally, this series made mostly by women offers nuanced male portrayals. Along with Jamie Bell, the Brazilian Wagner Moura stands out, who seems determined not to be pigeonholed in the characters that have brought him fame in Narcos or Tropa de élite. His profile is in the dramatic antipodes of Pablo Escobar, and that also favors the personality of the series.
Signature: Claudio Sánchez

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