federation of associations for the quality of the media


We develop initiatives to improve the audiovisual sector always with the aim of defending children through the promotion of a responsible use of social networks, media literacy and the fight against misinformation.


iCmedia works to promote initiatives that protect the rights of minors, encourage responsibility and media literacy, and improve the quality and trust of the audiovisual sector, giving voice to the interests and needs of media users.

iCmedia's main purpose is to protection of children and youth. To this end, it promotes awareness-raising actions for all agents in the audiovisual sector, families and educators, and offers tools that enable civil society to make free and informed decisions regarding their use of screens.

iCmedia also contributes to the development of associations integrated in the federation, coordinating and representing them before the Institutions.

icmedia's objectives

Child Protection

To be a reference of support for families. To collaborate with Public Administrations and specialized entities to promote the protection of the child audience against the use of new technologies.

Media Literacy

Promote responsible behavior and appropriate digital consumption, providing the necessary skills and tools to form free, informed and critical digital citizens.

Consumer Representation

To represent the interests of users of the audiovisual media before the Public Administrations and private entities of the sector, and to formulate proposals with a constructive spirit.

Fight against Disinformation

To provide tools and skills that promote a critical spirit among citizens in the face of information overload and to encourage the dissemination of good practices that help to combat disinformation.

Coordination of Associations

Contribute to the development of the associations iCmedia'smember associations, represent them before the Institutions, organize training sessions and promote active citizenship in the audiovisual sector.

Audiovisual Content Enhancement

To develop tools that favor information and the improvement of audiovisual and digital content . To give a voice to civil society promoting a positive relationship between the agents of the sector.

How it arises 


Our History

At the end of the 20th century, different associations of television viewers were born in different Spanish cities, which in 1992 became a single Iberian federation.

In 2008 they launched a new brand image for the Federation: iCmedia, more in line with its objectives and the new social reality. Currently, 8 associations are part of the Federation, representing citizens from almost all the autonomous communities.

iCmedia also has a Advisory Board, made up of leading professionals and academics from the audiovisual sector, and a Board of Directors whose members are elected annually by the associations at the General Assembly.


José Luis Colás Giraldos

President iCmedia

Marta Pellico del Castillo

Vice President iCmedia

Marta Terroba Ruiz

iCmedia Secretary

Adrian Maroto Silva

Treasurer iCmedia

Félix Domínguez Capell

Member ATR Madrid

Jose Antonio Ruiz San Roman

Member iCmedia Advisory Board

Enrique Pariente

Vocal iCmedia Andalucía

Adolfo Momoitio Barcena

Member iCmedia Euskadi

María Esther Del Moral Pérez

Vocal iCmedia ATR Asturias

Remigio Abad Sánchez

Member ATR Madrid

Alfonso Aparicio Basuri

Member iCmedia Navarra

Juan Manuel Piquero Calleja

Vocal iCmedia Castilla y León

José Ángel Otero

Vocal iCmedia Galicia

Borja Adsuara Varela

Expert in Digital Law

Francisco Asensi Viana

Business and Strategy in the audiovisual industry, immersive content and new entertainment.

José Luis Colás Giraldos

President iCmedia

Maria Breton Gallego

Expert Mkt Digital and Influencer Marketing. Global Head of Booking at Samy Alliance Professor of Marketing Digital, Influencer marketing and Talen representation management at ISDE, EAE, ENAE, Initiative, Sergio Arboleda Colombia

Angel García Castillejo

Dtor. Audiovisual Policies, Public Service and International at CRTVE

Begoña Morales Blanco-Steger

Founder and CEO of ConEse

Pelayo Santos

Professor of Digital Marketing at The Valley Digital Business School, EAE, Elle Education & Barreira

Marta Pellico del Castillo

Vice President iCmedia

Nuria Pizarro Casado

Head of ESG Strategy & Reporting

José Luis Colás Giraldos

President iCmedia

Jesús Guijarro Valladolid

Strategic Advisor iCmedia

Marta Pellico del Castillo

Vice President iCmedia

Marta Terroba Ruiz

Managing Director iCmedia

integrated partnerships

iCmedia Galicia

A non-profit association of media users that since 2018 has been promoting various initiatives to improve the quality of its content.

It is a reference of support for families that promotes the protection of children's audiences and access to informed content.

iCmedia Euskadi

This Association was created in 1994, promoted by a group of citizens in response to the growing social influence of the audiovisual media.

Its objectives are to join forces with other organizations that fight for the defense of media users, and to be an interlocutor between the audience, the media and the Administration.

iCmedia Castilla y León

Since 2006, this non-profit association has been working to give voice to the interests and needs of the region's media users. 

Promotes initiatives that improve the quality of audiovisual content, the media literacy of the audience, and promotes the effective protection of minors in the field of audiovisual media and their content.

iCmedia Andalusia

iCmedia Andalucía is represented by ATEA- Asociación Telespectadores de Andalucía. An independent, non-profit organization that gives a voice to the users of audiovisual media and promotes media literacy.

It works with industry players on initiatives that improve the quality of content and generate a free and informed society.

TAC Catalonia

Telespectadores Asociados de Cataluña is a non-profit association that works for quality television and in defense of the rights of users, especially children. It was founded in 1985, as a result of the concern of a group of parents about television content. Today, TAC groups more than 17,000 users.

ATR Madrid

Since 1985, ATR Usuarios de los Medios de Madrid has been promoting the quality of media content and protecting the rights of users, especially children. From its beginnings until today, it monitors and educates about television content and new audiovisual media.

ATR Asturias

Non-profit association that seeks, promotes and supports quality media. It has an observatory of responsible television with the aim of being a forum for reflection and development of corporate social responsibility in the audiovisual business world, and to promote quality audiovisual production.

iCmedia Navarra

Association that aims to be a communication bridge between the audience and the media. It occupies a key place of interlocution between all the actors involved in audiovisual communication.

Among its main objectives is a commitment to media literacy.