SEllo of audiovisual confidence

free and informed viewers

In March 2018, iCmedia presented the Audiovisual Trust Seal, a project whose objective is to encourage free and informed decision making among viewers. The creation of this Seal seeks transparency around age ratings and the creation of a tool for advertisers to protect their reputation by investing in appropriate and correctly rated content.

Marta Pellico, Director of iCmedia, and Begoña Morales, Founder of ConEse, member of the Advisory Council of the Federation and promoter of this project, led the presentation at the headquarters of the National Commission of Markets and Competition in Madrid.

Around 70 experts from the television industry have participated in the pilot of this project, which aims to evaluate the content broadcast on Spanish television, both from the technical point of view and from the quality of its narrative.

The Audiovisual Trust Seal is based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative Media, the EFQM, the RepTrak Pulse or the standards by which the BBC is governed.