REVIEW Mayor of Kingstown

Feb 2, 2024 | Series Reviews

Taylor Sheridan(Comanchería, Sicario) is the creator of this series and of several titles that have invaded the Skyshowtime platform. The leadership that this director and screenwriter has achieved is deserved, although logically the amount of projects he has embarked on(Tulsa King, 1883, Special Ops: Lioness), makes it impossible to maintain the level and quality of these productions.
Mayor of Kingstown, a series that has released its first two seasons in just a few months, starts in the best way. In those first chapters the series recalls the style of Ben Affleck's first films as director: Goodbye, little girl, goodbye and The town. The casting conveys the charisma and pain of two characters battered by life who survive as best they can in a prison environment. Jeremy Renner and Dianne West compose a family in which there are too many wounds from the past, and in which the two actors share the moments of greatest dramatic intensity of the series.
As the series progresses, the crudeness of the plot becomes redundant and too explicit. The suggestion and nuances that the series promised are lost, and the film noir turns into an accumulation of shocks and twists that do nothing to benefit the depth of the characters and the characterization of each one of them.
Claudio Sanchez

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