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Sep 30, 2022 | Activities, Audiovisual Sector

This Wednesday, Fundación Atresmedia held the first meeting of its Committee of Experts. With it, the group of prominent academics and professionals specialized in the field of education, information and communication, psychology, sociology of children and youth and the Administration that will endorse the projects of the entity in the various aspects and competencies in the field of Media and Information Literacy(AMI), the objective of the new stage undertaken by the Foundation, has been formed.

This group of experts will thus play a role in advising and guiding Fundación Atresmedia on the main trends, challenges and opportunities for action in the field of AMI, and will help ensure that its projects have the greatest possible impact on children and young people and their educational environment. Likewise, the Committee of Experts will ensure the correct pedagogical orientation of all content, materials and actions developed by the Foundation.

The Committee of Experts of Fundación Atresmedia is made up of:

  • Ignacio Aguaded, professor of Media Education, president of Grupo Comunicar and president-founder of the AlfaMed Network.
  • D. in Information Sciences and professor of Audiovisual Communication and specialist in Education and Communication, Joan Ferrés.
  • Alfa-Media's president, Andrés Armas.
  • The vice-president of IC Media, the Federation of Associations for Media Quality, Marta Pellico
  • Rebeca Muñoz, Press Officer of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
  • The director of the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training(INTEF), Julio Albalad.
  • The president of the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain(FAPE), Nemesio Rodríguez.
  • The member of the Governing Board of the Official College of Psychology of Madrid, Amaya Prado.
  • The vice-president of the Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence Group(GSIA), Kepa Paul Larrañaga.
  • The general manager of Human to Human (H2H), Luis Díaz.
  • The director of the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA), Eva Reina.

The meeting took place at the Atresmedia facilities and was chaired by the Group's Corporate General Manager and Director of Fundación Atresmedia, Patricia Pérez, and was attended by the Director of Corporate Responsibility of Atresmedia and Deputy Director of the Foundation, Susana Gato, together with the head of Strategy and Good Governance of the Foundation, Álvaro Alonso.

To educate children and young people about the risks and opportunities of communication.

In its first meeting, the Committee of Experts discussed, among other aspects, the importance of transferring Media and Information Literacy to children and young people from the family and educational environment, and analyzed the new regulatory provisions that pave the way for the introduction of this discipline in Primary Education.

For Patricia Pérez: "In a context marked by over-information, we want to help children and young people to develop the necessary skills to understand and analyze all the information and content they consume and also to be responsible when creating and sharing content through the different platforms they have access to. We want them to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities offered by the current media environment, but avoiding its risks".

Ignacio Aguaded said that "the commitment of Fundación Atresmedia is important and has a future. The media have a social commitment as public services to the public and to the extent that they actively participate in the training of audiences, we guarantee more active and participatory viewers, more responsible and aware of the role played by the media in their lives, and how these can influence their personal and social development".

For his part, Julio Albalad, pointed out that "the essential step for students to acquire digital competence as a whole is to have a digitally competent teaching staff. From the educational administrations we have agreed on a Framework of digital competences for teachers that includes, among other areas, a specific one referred to the Development of the digital competence of students where we find in first place the Literacy in the treatment of information and data".

As a result of this new venture, with which Fundación Atresmedia aims to become a benchmark entity in the Media and Information Literacy Foundation, the entity has structured its activities around three areas: research, awareness and learning, focused on promoting critical thinking as a fundamental tool for combating misinformation, promoting responsible creativity and fostering values, especially those related to media literacy such as freedom of expression, empathy, tolerance and respect.

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