Agreement between the CNMC and iCmedia to improve and promote the rating of audiovisual content.

May 13, 2022 | Activities, Audiovisual Sector

The National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) has signed an agreement with iCmedia (Federation of Associations for Media Quality) aimed at improving and promoting the rating system for audiovisual content broadcast by the media. The agreement between the public body and this civil society organization aims to contribute, ultimately, to providing users with clearer guidelines and to making these criteria more widely known. The actions envisaged will also serve to exercise more effectively parental control over minors in audiovisual consumption.

The CNMC is the competent body for the supervision and control of the audiovisual communication market. It is also responsible for ensuring that the rights of minors are respected by the media when broadcasting audiovisual content in certain time slots and for approving specific criteria for rating such content.

The Federation of Associations for Media Quality has been working for three years on an independent verification system for audiovisual content, which could be very useful to comply with the provisions of the Audiovisual Law regarding the age rating of content consumers.

iCmedia's contribution to the viewer will consist of detailed information on the quality of the audiovisual work, by television genres: fiction, entertainment and factual. Depending on each genre, certain criteria will be taken into account when rating. The agreement is therefore an area of collaboration between both entities, under which the CNMC will be able to consult iCmedia on issues related to the rating and description of audiovisual content.

Likewise, it is foreseen that both organizations will carry out training, dissemination or study activities on the qualification of such audiovisual content.

Finally, a Monitoring Committee, with equal representation of both parties, will supervise the development of the agreement and analyze the possibilities of future joint actions on various topics of interest to both parties. The agreement has just entered into force and will last for two years.

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