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Feb 16, 2024 | Series Reviews

The comedian Berto Romero surprised many when in 2018 he created the series Mira lo que has hecho. This comedy developed during three seasons the midlife crisis of a married couple with children. Beyond humor, the family portrait was quite acid and pessimistic, even though there was a certain final hope.
In El otro lado, Berto Romero has teamed up with actor and producer Andreu Buenafuente, and director Nacho Vigalondo, to offer a horror comedy that aims to be risky and original. The series premiered at the last San Sebastian Film Festival with very favorable reviews from critics.
The story aims to make people laugh and tremble, and that's not easy. Evidently, its creator is better at making nonsense with paranormal phenomena, than taking serial apparitions from the other side. Still, it must be recognized that some of these scenes of tension are resolved with some skill. However, the characters, as in Look What You've Done, are still cut in a very simplistic pattern to make the caricature work.
The recourse to flat and coarse humor is commonplace, and it is difficult to empathize with such bizarre situations and parodic twists. So the series is left with a few witty gags and too many minutes of transition to nowhere.
Claudio Sanchez

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